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  • How do I travel using viaja fácil?
    Select start and destination by entering a direction or point of interest, or by right-clicking on the map. Afterwards click the "search" button to begin the search. The search includes buses, subway and urban railways. You can search within all of the Gran Buenos Aires metropolitan area, from Zárate to La Plata. The search considers transports within a distance of approximately seven blocks around the start and destination points. If you log-in with your Google account you can store your favourite places for easier access.
  • How does the search work?
    As the first step, viaja fácil tries to find connections using just one line, or the subway and train services. If this search does not give any results or if you want to see if better results can be found, a search with combinations is run. This search puts a lot of load on the server, therefore it is only run as a second step.
  • Can I store my favourite locations?
    Yes. You just need a Google account. Then you can click the log-in button to ther lower right and start saving your favourite locations.
  • Is there a version for mobile phones?
    Not yet. There will be a website optimized for smartphones (iPhone, etc.) soon. Additionally, an Android App is in the works.
  • What are the checkboxes "Buses/Colectivos", "Subway", "Train" here for?
    You can select which means of transport you want to use. If the subway is not working, just deselect it before searching. Buses can not be deactivated.
  • I noticed a bug. I have ideas for improvements. Are you interested?
    Yes! Please contact me by e-mail with all details which you can provide (in the case of an error: where did it happen, when did it happen, what web-browser are you using, etc.).
  • I can't search. I am asked to wait 10 minutes.
    The number of searches you can run within 10 minutes is limited to keep the app fast for all users. Generally you should not need to make so many searches anyway.
  • I have problems searching for addresses.
    Please tell the search exactly which street in which city/locality you are searching for. For example if you want the street Sarandí in the city Buenos Aires and search gives you the locality Sarandí in Avellaneda, you would enter
    "Calle Xyz, localidad" (Calle Sarandí 123, CABA)